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How Ford's 2021 Bronco Sport Outer Banks Turned Heads!

Updated: Jun 17

The sun is shining bright as we begin our journey to the North Georgia mountains on our quest to find the perfect spot to hike, see the sights, and capture the most Instagram-worthy photo. Our Ford Bronco hugs the yellow lines tightly as we wind up the Blue Ridge Mountains singing, “I get my peaches down in Georgia, nah, nah, nah.”

As we near the mountain top, I see a dirt road path. Who wouldn’t want to explore the back roads with this beautiful Bronco Sport? I hit the gas and relax quickly as the all-terrain system makes easy work of the ungroomed route. Behind us, a dust cloud obscures the tame world we left behind, while we wind through the wild, demanding landscape. The Bronco's smaller size is perfect for avoiding trees and branches that threaten to scratch its gleaming exterior. The way this beast feels while conquering rocks and roots makes me wonder if keeping him in the city is an affront to his nature.

To our surprise, as we reach a trailhead, there is a group of people unloading their SUVs and trucks for their own excursion.

Heads turn as we drive in, and when we step out of the car, we're greeted with questions from curious adventurers.

Knowing this is one of the most anticipated car releases in a decade, we are chomping at the bit to share our driving experience. One gentleman asks, “What version is this?”

“Bronco Sport Outer Banks edition,” my wife, Megan, answers, with a grin hidden in her words.

“Oh, wow! We heard the doors come off along with the roof; is that true?” I was ready for this question. “Ford made this beauty to compete with the Jeep! You can transform this SUV from a perfect city vehicle into an off-roading machine perfect for cruising along dirt roads.”

We spend the next ten minutes salivating over all the beautiful interior features and chatting about one of the coolest features, the G.O.A.T mode. Bronco allows you to tailor your driving experience for any occasion. Whether it's cruising in the city with the windows down on “normal” until the typical three-minute Southern thunderstorm comes rolling through, and raindrops bounce off the pavement on the road, don’t worry, there is a mode for that, the “slippery” mode. Maybe you’re smashing the Sport mode as you race down the open road seeing how fast you can take this bad boy from 0-60 MPH. Thrill seekers, there are two great modes for you when you’re exploring what nature has to offer you, “sand” or Mud.” This midsize SUV has it ALL!

We end the conversation, snapping some photos with our new friends and hit the trail for a day of adventure!

Four miles later, as we reach the summit of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Megan shouts, "We made it!" All thanks to our Ford Bronco!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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