• Michael Corkrum

Ford's 2021 Bronco Outer Banks Edition is a Panther!

The Ford Bronco made me feel like I was a panther. I first had this inkling on my 8th mile driving the car. I had skirted around some tight Atlanta city streets and was in full gear on the highway. The car effortlessly went from lounging to full tilt. I changed lanes and took curves at full speed because the car felt glued to the road. At that moment the suspension and tires were akin to claws. There was a whole lot of power that I reluctantly had to reign in, but I knew later I would experience the thrill of the hunt. As I glided across the highway, then skulked back through city streets I couldn’t wait to take the Bronco to where it belonged, the jungle.

Full disclaimer: there are no jungles anywhere near Atlanta, but there are plenty of dirt, rocky and wooded paths. After making a list of them from easy to intermediate I prepared to see if this car could really tackle nature the way its movements whispered to me that it could.

The first trail was relatively easy, and using G.O.A.T mode felt like overkill. It was fun, but I felt like there was so much more to be done. So I pushed the pace. Once again I felt like the panther, I was made to ride through dirts roads and woods. Most off road vehicles feel like they rumble through the terrain. The bronco felt like it moved through the terrain. After a couple trails I realized the difference: there was enough power to climb over any rocks that came into my path or even flatten some plants if they got in the way, but I rarely needed to. I realized I could reach previously inaccessible places not by carving a path to them, but by following nature’s path to it, and for someone that loves to offroad, but doesn’t love warping landscapes this was perfect.

By the time I came back to the city I felt more connected to the car. It was something similar to when you take a manual car on a 1000 mile road trip. You begin to feel its heartbeat. That’s what the road hugging and trail gliding experience did to me. You’ll love this Bronco more when you take it to its limits, but it takes care of you when you’re just cruising the few blocks or miles to the store.

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