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Celebrate Life's Precious Moments With The 2021 Ford Hybrid F-150

Updated: Jun 29

“Happy birthday,” we cheered as our full glasses clinked together. What a way to celebrate one of life’s special moments, driving to the lake with good friends.  Rewind to earlier that morning, we poured ice over coolers full of local brews, cocktail creations, and a bevy of non- alcoholic choices, threw our noodles and tubes into the truck bed, and piled into the comfortable, spacious F-150 Hybrid. The five of us had more than enough leg room, and our butts felt comfortable as we settled in and turned on our cooling seats! 

We used Apple CarPlay to display the directions on the giant dashboard screen, cranked some “Truck Yeah” by Tim McGraw, and began our adventure to Lake Allatoona. “Wow, this truck is nice!” Joanna shouted from the back seat. 

Mike, a 6’5” guy in the back seat, was raving, “I love how comfortable this truck is. My knees aren’t even close to touching the seat. I can actually enjoy the riding in a hybrid.” 

Megan chimed in, “It’s all the bells and whistles for me. I love the sunroof, the seats that recline all the way back, the SIX power plugs throughout the truck, and the

heating/cooling seats!”

Turning to me, “Babe, can we get this truck, please?”  I grinned, “Check out this cruise control! I put the Truck into cruise control and the technology takes control, I just put my hands on the steering wheel and the truck does the rest. It maintains the speed, slows down when the car in front of us does and takes all the curves and turns for me.  This technology is blowing my mind right now. The massive screen and technology that’s put into this state-of-the-art truck is next level.” 

“We made it!” Michelle yells from the back. We all rush to grab our boating essentials and head out on our pontoon boat . . . let the festivities begin!

Driving the Ford F-150 Hybrid was a blast. The interior features were top of the line new tech, and it’s one of the most comfortable trucks we’ve experienced. It’s perfect for so many occasions! The only difficulty might be parking this big boy in the city, but who doesn't love a good challenge?

Rating: 9.5/10 for overall truck.

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