• Michael Corkrum

A Very Smart & Efficent Dragon: Ford's 2021 F-150 Hybrid

My first 10 miles driving the F-150 Hybrid I didn’t know what I was feeling. Things looked nice, the driving felt nice, the features seemed nice, but I didn’t quite know how nice, and that’s because I had never had a dragon before.

The overall construction of the car makes you feel like you’re a VERY large animal: you’re higher than everything on the road besides semi-trucks, and there’s a very long tail you’re always aware of like a third hand, but you could never compare this truck to a rhino or mammoth because of the smoothness of movement. This truck is downright mythical.

By mile 30 I was beginning to fully realize what I had in my hands from a power perspective. The F-150 is the king of the road, no one has the canines to mess with you and they all admire (or envy) it from afar. It flies down roads so smoothly whether it’s the 3 mile trek to the gym or the 500 mile trip I took across state lines with it. If you weren’t looking down at every other truck on the road you’d almost be able to forget you were in a truck.

I say almost because you can never really forget the F-150 is a truck, because even inside you feel like you have a TON of space. I thought it was ridiculous how much room you have for anything, just inside the cabin of this vehicle, until we started putting the space to the test. We stored lighting equipment, cameras, drones, diffusers, and a bunch of other stuff for a commercial shoot just in the interior, easily! We charged our drone with the full electrical outlet in the front seat and one of our cameras in the back one!

All of these features were great, but there were two things that stood above and beyond to me with this truck: the technology and the comfort. I don’t know how much you know about dragons, but they’re eerily smart, and so is this truck. On the trip to the North Carolina mountains I engaged the cruise control, and it started driving for me. Perfectly taking all the curves of the highway, slowing down as it approached cars and speeding up when the road was clear again. I was blown away by the feel of the self driving because at no point did I feel like I had to intervene. The truck not only drove safely, but made me feel like it was anticipating any maneuvers it was making.

Talking about the comfort is simple. It’s the most comfortable vehicle anyone who got into that car had ever experienced. Whether they were sitting in the front or back seats for 20 minutes or 6 hours at no point did anything hurt or ache. You almost didn’t want to get out of the seats.

The Ford F-150 hybrid is the beast of beasts. It marries the power and space of a large truck with the smarts of the bleeding edge of car technology. It’s a mythical creature that you have to see to believe.

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