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"Their extraordinary ability to understand and connect with people enables them to precisely grasp the unique needs of each client."

Bite sized storytelling has proven to be one of the most engaging and well received pieces of content out there. 

The Cork Bros have worked with big brands such as BET+, OTE and Red Bull to film and conduct interviews with talent and influencers. 

We believe in showing AND telling

OTX & the cork bros

Replacing the role of a sideline reporter, we simultaneously captured the high moments of OTX's boxing matches and conducted interviews that gave an insight into the mind of the fighters while they were in the ring.  

OTX By The Cork Bros-37.jpg
OTX By The Cork Bros-24.jpg
OTX By The Cork Bros-36.jpg
OTX By The Cork Bros-38.jpg

the Ms. Pat show by BET+

During the BET+ series premiere party we conducted interviews with the entire cast, executive producer and VIP guests. These interviews showcased the humor of the characters and built excitement for season 4's release.

Red bull & the cork bros

During the Dance Your Style National Finals we conducted interviews with Team Africa that showed their passion, intensity and mindset. We captured content with them before (at practice), during and after the event to show a unique and full view of these incredible dancers. 

Red Bull DYS - The Cork Bros-72.jpg
Dance Battle Pt 2-149.jpg
Dance Battle Pt 2-40.jpg
Dance Battle Pt 2-29.jpg

atlanta swimweek

During the very first Atlanta Swimweek we interviewed models, designers, make up artists and the hosts to show a deeper look into a runway show. This gave our subjects a voice that they don't usually have and enhanced the B-roll from the runway show.

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