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interview content: the numbers

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the success

These are the numbers extracted from 7 interview pieces posted over the past 2 months









The ask

Our clients challenged us to take a step further from photo and video content to understand what it truly feels like to be at or part of an event. Something we do are think of ways to continuously bring the viewer into these experiences, and how to increase engagement for our clients through social media. By posting both photo and video in real time we engage with the viewer and make our client's event more appealing. However we now know we can go even further.

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our solution

We go a step further into our event recap content and find ways in which the viewer could feel connected to the attendees and the talent behind the event. We know that high quality photo and video can be powerful tools to showcase an event, but adding interview content gives the viewer an insight on how the talent/attendee feels and what was going through their mind in the most key moments. 

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