Megan Ratts

  • The Cork Bros

This was my second time working with the Cork Bros! I can’t recommend them enough. The first time working with them we shot at a SEC championship tailgate. Their turnover time was wicked fast! They were able to help us with content creation and helped build the brand I was representing. Their images were clear and crisp as well as personable. Having them on site was a true blessing and necessity. It was the perfect touch to capture the magic happening on site. My second shoot with the guys was for my personal business. They were able to capture so many amazing shots for me to use on my website and for future articles and postings. They created the most comfortable environment to shoot in. They were able to bring in extra lighting and create a dream environment anywhere they were asked to shoot at. They couldn’t be more accommodating! I cannot recommend them enough. Their work is top quality and you can feel the passion they have for the work they do. Not to mention they made the shoots I have worked with them on so much fun!