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Andrew McCorkle

Andrew McCorkle is our social media guru and communicator. He uses more than a decade of hospitality experience to provide a foundation for particularly the Cork Bros clients in the Food & Beverage industry. Self-taught like his counterpart Mike in numerous disciplines, Andrew’s extensive work experience and research led to specializing in social media applications and strategies ideal to the successful outcomes for every campaign Cork Bros Studios take on.

Andrew loves spending time with his wife, playing basketball, and constantly learning the newest trends, social media applications and technologies in the business world.

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Mike Corkrum

Mike Corkrum is our content creator extraordinaire. He started off with a 2011 Nikon Camera with no experience, but after dedicating thousands of hours learning the ins and outs of photography, videography and editing, he was confident to launch the Cork Bros venture. All of the content you see on the site and social media has passed through the lens of Mike’s eye.

When Mike’s not spending time working on the business, he is writing new poems, sharpening his skills on the piano, playing basketball, and spending time with his family. (He is also a freestyle wizard when it comes to rapping over beats.)

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Cork Bros Studios

Mike and Andrew came together in Janurary 2018 to create AM Business Strategy, a restaurant consulting firm. After realizing the market wasn't buying what they were selling, they pivoted into content creation and digital marketing. 3 years later they are creating content and doing localized marketing campaigns for major beverage brands. 

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